Hannah Jepson, Director and Co-founder of LGBTed said: “LGBTed welcomes the Department for Education’s recent announcement committing to increasing diversity within the school workforce. “As an organisation representing teachers and leaders from across the LGBT+ spectrum, we are proud to be working with the department to ensure the voice of our network is heard. “We […]
Twitter: The Importance of LGBT+ Educators Collaborating and Elevating One Another By Jared Cawley @JaredCawley In a profession deeply impacted by COVID-19 – where research is beginning to reveal its huge impact on LGBT+ people in particular – it’s more important than ever to elevate one another, writes teacher Jared Cawley. Our teaching profession has […]
LGBTed and CAST in partnership with Teach First are delighted to offer,for the second year, a fully funded programme of training, promotingmore diversity into school leadership, specifically teachers identifying asLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and/or Intersex. Fully funded by Harris Federation and the DfE’s Leadership Equality & Diversity Fund, the programme aims to promote more […]
I work at Longhill High School, a large secondary comprehensive school in Brighton, where I’m head of Modern Foreign Languages. We have had a monthly LGBT+ student meet up for about the past six months, which we started in order to support and provide students who were coming out with a safe space. Recently at […]
It has been delightful this week that there has been so much activity in schools in support of School Diversity Week, an important initiative celebrating LGBT equality. Thanks to campaigns such as this, young people are becoming more confident in embracing who they are, and many schools are leading the way in building inclusive and […]
Writing this is scary. Coming out as bisexual is rarely one big announcement, but rather lots of tiny ones as you correct misconceptions, challenge assumptions and decide when and how to tell the whole truth about your life. This blog post is another one of those steps; I write this as a bisexual woman who […]
Conversations I have with LGBTQ+ people of my generation about their time at school tend to expose depressingly similar experiences; negative language, intimidation by students, and unsupportive staff. Section 28 was repealed during the month I started secondary school, however it cast a shadow over my time there and continues to do so today. Young […]
It had taken me almost an hour to drive to the school. During that time I had thought about everything that could go wrong. “What are the children going to say when they see me? Are they going to laugh? Am I going to be ridiculed? What about the staff? What are their reactions going […]
At LGBTed we think it’s vitally important that children and staff have role models from the LGBT community. The old adage, you can’t be or understand what you can’t see rings so true and for someone who didn’t have any role models at school, I know how damaging that can be. We know self-harm is […]
There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. Reflecting on the launch of LGBTed that took place this weekend in Harris Academy, South Norwood I’m thinking of the Wizard of Oz, naturally. The LGBT+ community’s well-established connection with Dorothy Gale is not lost on me but there’s something […]
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